Southern Thing Music Notes

 "The flags of our Fathers, keep 'em flying boys!"
It's A Southern Thing

1. The God of War
2. Stonewall Jackson
3. General Lee
4. The Ballad of Captain Jack
5. Crimson River
6. Son of the South
7. Lonely Dixie Night
8. Stand For Our Fathers
9. Johnny's Got The High Ground
10. Keep 'em Flying Boys
11. It's A Southern Thing

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It is understood that placing music on the internet is risky business, but this album needs to be heard by any and all that will lend an ear. If you download Rick's music, no one will ever know the difference, but if you do download, at least "throw the man a bone". Invite him to speak and perform at your next event, so he can recoup some of his investment and live to perform another day.

Yes, that was our lighthearted approach, to ask for your help, to get the word out for this wonderful album. Take time to listen to every cut and then play Rick's music for a friend. The more individuals that hear his music, the more the message will be heard. The part about the bookings for performances was a more serious note, show dates are Rick's bread and butter, so book him to perform for your event today.

Back in December 2004, Rick met Robert S. Chambers at the Nashville Civil War Show. Rick and Bob became fast friends when they discovered they shared like interest in General Nathan Bedford Forrest’s infamous military career. Bob had written an excellent book titled “The God of War” in which Rick purchased a copy. Being totally captivated by Bob’s work, Rick was inspired to write a song bearing the same title. This fast pace ballad is complete with the “Rebel Yell” which is styled after a 1936 recording of a Confederate Veteran from Virginia. This rock solid ballad is reminiscent of a bygone era, when Johnny Horton and Frankie Lane were the kings of the balladeers. So sit back and take a deep seat in the saddle, as you ride in the escort of the “Wizard of the Saddle.”

“The God Of War”

God of War by Rick Revel.mp3

During a 2006 Mississippi reenactment held at Burton’s Sugar Farm, Rick was given a challenge from a fellow reenactor to write a song about “the bigger than life” Stonewall Jackson. The challenge was delivered on Saturday evening while Rick played his guitar and sang around the campfire. The next morning, Rick woke just before Sunday sunrise to write this fun, upbeat view of Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson’s short lived contribution to the War of Southern Independence. In the old Country Music style much like a George Jones classic, this song sets your toes a tappin’ and soon you find yourself singing along with the infectious lyrics and melody.

 “Stonewall Jackson”

Stonewall Jackson by Rick Revel.mp3

Rick began to write songs at the age of twelve and just before his sixteenth birthday, Rick penned this heartfelt ballad. He tells the story of a young soldier’s plea for Robert E. Lee not to give up the fight at Appomattox. At age eighteen, he recorded the first release of “General Lee” in the Music Mill Studio which was made famous by the group “Alabama”.  Not to be out done, Rick’s latest version will chill your soul to the bone. This is a Country style ballad that captures the imagination and gives the listener a renewed faith in the Southern soldier and his sense of valor.

“General Lee”

General Lee by Rick Revel (2012).mp3

In 2010, a friend gave Rick of a new book titled “One Man’s War”  written by Lt. Col. Tom McKenney. It is one of those books you can't put down until you finish reading it cover to cover. It tells the story of Confederate Sniper Jack Hinson. With an estimated one hundred kills, Captain Jack survived the war, but not without tribulation.

During the recording of this album, Rick went to sleep one evening with the Captain Jack story on his mind. Early the next morning he wrote this song and went into the studio that night to cut a piece of musical history. The unique guitar licks will put you in mind of an Ole Doc Watson tune and without a doubt “The Ballad of Captain Jack” will be a timeless ballad.

“The Ballad of Captain Jack”

The Ballad of Captain Jack by Rick Revel.mp3

As Rick read the book “Company Aytch” by Sam Watkins, a particular passage stuck in his mind. Private Watkins recalled the Battle of Shiloh in vivid detail and his reference to the rivers of blood flowing during the battle made an indelible impression. As Rick envisioned the blood of the slain flowing in the ruts of the wagons and artillery, then into the ditches, into the creeks, and finally into the Tennessee River; the title “Crimson River” emerged in his mind. This bone chilling account gives each listener a sense of the horror that surrounded "The Bloody Pond" at Shiloh.

“Crimson River”

Crimson River by Rick Revel.mp3

As a follow up to the film “Shiloh; The Many Faces of War,” Rick has a new movie in the works titled, “Southern Knights.” The song “Son of the South” will be the theme song for the new film. In the first movie, Dr. Finas Bell loses his two sons during the Battle of Shiloh and his wife is also killed by a renegade patrol of Yankee Cavalry. Movie two will bear the plot line of Dr. Bell forming of a group of partisan rangers to seek out his wife's murderers. This ballad has a bit of a Southern Rock edge and the lyrics paint the picture of the good doctor’s plight.

“Son of the South”

Son of the South by Rick Revel.mp3

As a very active Civil War reenactor, Rick has attended many military balls both as a dancer and a musician with the “Southern Sons” band. Most male reenactors agree, there is nothing more beautiful than a lovely Southern Belle waltzing across the ballroom floor. With a romantic soft spot in his heart, Rick penned this song for the ladies of the reenacting world. With a strong Southwestern flavor, “Lonely Dixie Night” tells of two young lovers who become separated by the war. With a dash of Tex-Mex and a splash of Fifties style rock-n-roll, this song will bring you to your feet and have you dancing a Samba.

“Lonely Dixie Night”

Lonely Dixie Nights by Rick Revel.mp3

In 2007 Rick released the docu-drama film titled “Shiloh; The Many Faces of War.” During the opening credits of the film this was the title cut. When Rick went back into the studio to work on the “Southern Thing Project,” he wanted to include the cut that first appeared in the movie. He also wanted the song to have a fresh new sound without losing its strong message. The song is written from a soldier’s perspective who is waiting in the line battle. As for the many who stood for the cause of Dixie, the character in the storyline of this song is standing for his homeland and for the honor of his heritage. This song is a good reminder of why we must never fail to remember those who gave their all for the cause.

“Stand For Our Fathers”

Stand For Our Fathers by Rick Revel.mp3

This is the “feel good song" of the album. “Johnny’s Got the Highground” would be right at home during a “Virginia Reel” dance set; a foot stompin' sing-a-along around the campfire or on the stage of a Bluegrass concert. But, don’t over look the lyrics of this finely crafted song. There is a sharp wit and straight to the point message nestled deep into the fiber of this hoe down foot stomper. As you listen, don't forget to duck when the shootin' starts. This could easily be the new theme song of the Confederate reenactor.

“Johnny’s Got The Highground”

Johnny's Got The Highground by Rick Revel.mp3

As an American Heritage Preservationist and a proud member of The Sons of Confederate Veterans, Rick has great concern with the trepidation shown toward the Confederate Flag and Old Glory. It seems that on a weekly basis that both flags are under attack by the "PC Police". In a 1996 newsletter titled, "Reveille, Rick Revel's Wake Up Call To America", he forewarned, "If we fail to preserve American Heritage, which includes Southern Heritage, there will be a day that the Politically Correct will come after the Stars and Bars and the Stars and Stripes both." How many times on the nightly news have you heard that a new group has become offended at the sight of the Star Spangled Banner or the Confederate Flag? "Keep 'em Flying Boys", is a rally song for all good patriots, so that "The Flags of our Fathers", can continue to fly.

“Keep ‘em Flying Boys”

Keep 'em Flying Boys by Rick Revel.mp3

Rick is often asked by his friends and acquaintances from Northern states, “What is it with you Southerners, why do you try to keep the memory of a lost cause, alive?” “And explain to me why you fly that Confederate battle flag right next to the Stars-n-Stripes?” Rick will usually smile and simply reply, “It’s A Southern Thing, that you won't understand.” Then he will follow that statement by telling his soothsayer, "From Valley Forge till today, Southerners have given their all, not just for Dixie’s sake, but also for the Star-n-Stripes." Rick was born in the Volunteer State of Tennessee and he is not afraid to tell of his state’s rich patriotic heritage. Coming from a long line of Patriots, this ballad is a tribute to his heritage and lineage. The song is not just an eye opener for the uninformed, it could quite possibly, become the new anthem of the South. The lyrics say it all.

“It’s A Southern Thing”

It's A Southern Thing by Rick Revel.mp3