Southern Thing Liner Notes

 "It's A Southern Thing", is an anthology of Southern inspiration!

The Man in Dixie Grey!

Just after the final mix of "It's A Southern Thing" was in the can, Rick went to see long time friend, W.S. "Fluke" Holland, who was Johnny Cash's drummer for forty years. W.S. and fellow musician friend Ron Haney had invited Rick, on occasion, to sit in with their band, so Rick trusted their judgment for the final mix.

The listening session was one the biggest highlights of Rick's musical career. W.S. and Ron both got caught up in the soulful lyrics and infectious rhythms of each song. After hearing the eleven new songs, W.S. Holland spoke these golden words, "First I played with Carl Perkins, the man with the Blue Suede Shoes, then I played for forty years with the Man in Black, now I play with the Man in Dixie Grey!" 

No better words of compliment could be paid for a project recorded out on a farm in Henry, TN, in a little studio Rick fondly calls ,"Shack Out Back Productions". For the most part as you read the credits, you will notice that most of the musician work was done by Rick and childhood friend Danny Conger. Some other long time friends were called in to complete the sound. And, for good measure, his two daughters, Erica and Emily, plus Nathan Shoemaker sweetened the mix with their background vocals.

Let the music on this CD speak to your heart and excite your Southern Spirit and Pride. Rick has a wide range of style and taste, so without a doubt there is something for everyone on this album. Now crank up the stereo and give a listen to “It’s A Southern Thing.” It’s music that will not only have you whistling Dixie, it will soothe your Southern soul.