Southern Speak


 "American By Birth, But Southern By The Grace Of God !"

 Southern Proverb by Dewey Barber, Dixie Outfitters Southern Apparel

For those of you who know Rick Revel, you know him to be an American Patriot to the core, but if you really know him, you know his Southern roots run even deeper. Just like Dewey Barber's proverb, Rick is American by birth, but he feels he is truly blessed to have been born on a farm in the heart of Dixie. And, for those of you who take offense to his beliefs, he would suggest, "It might be time for a history lesson."

Rick will be quick to remind everyone that George Washington was from the Southern state of Virginia and that many of our founders and most favored statesmen were from the South. He feels that Southern Heritage is essential and has an indelible place in the history books. Rick simply states, "When it comes to history, you must state facts and not opinion; history has but one truth and we have to be willing to find it."